Villa Mia: Best Beach Villas in Koh Samui

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Location: Chaweng Bedrooms: 5
Rates: from $1650 Villa Type: Beachfront

A holiday in Koh Samui is a chance to recharge your batteries and be able to escape the stress of the daily grind. It is easy to understand why the island is such as tourist magnet. First of all, it has the most relaxing weather. Also, the beaches here are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you want to take some time off after a long period of no vacation or you want to be able to spend some time with the people you love in such a majestic location, the island will not disappoint you. Among the best villas Koh Samui has in store for its guests is Villa Mia.

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This is one of the most popular villas in Koh Samui and is recommended for guests with discerning tastes

If luxury Koh Samui villas are more your thing, Villa Mia will truly get your attention in all the right ways. This holiday home has a direct beach access and is situated in one of the most peaceful parts of Samui. Located in Chaweng, this is a blissful home away from home. One look at this place and you’d definitely want to extend your stay. Samui has a number of cozy retreats worth exploring and this gem in Chaweng is one of them. The property has a well maintained landscape, creating an inviting look for this fusion structure. In Villa Mia, there is plenty of sunshine, cloudless skies, and refreshing cool breeze. If it was years ago since you took a break with your folks, it is time to start packing your bags. A stay in this modern paradise is exactly what you deserve. Only ten minutes away from the airport, it is accessible but is peaceful enough that your holiday will go smoothly.

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The Beach

They say that the best luxury villas Koh Samui has to offer are those that bring you closer to the beach. Here the beach merely a few steps away from your doorsteps. All throughout your stay, you have the liberty to be along the shore as much as you want to. If a picture perfect beachfront retreat is what you like then this is among the villas in Koh Samui that you should try. Imagine dipping your feet on the mocha colored sand then walking every morning along the shoreline. There is nothing more relaxing than being able to experience one of the island’s loveliest beaches. Build some sand castles or ride a boat and just be in the water. You tension and worries will automatically melt away.

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The Villa

The property boasts a garden, which is a good place to meditate or sit with a paperback. One look at the structure and you’d understand that this place is well thought of and was specifically made for maximum comfort. It has a large swimming pool, so guests who want to swim even during wee hours can do so without worries. Villa Mia is certainly among the most stylish pool villas Koh Samui is famous for. It is meant for 10 people and has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms—all modern and spacious. The high ceilings and the wooden floors ensure that the interiors remain cool and complementary to the island’s tropical weather. Because of its open design, the cool breeze circulates all throughout the property effortlessly.


The Interior

The interior of Villa Mia is contemporary stylish, mostly dominated by whites. Native elements of design are used with modern accents to create a balanced look that will impress even the most hard to please guests. The living spaces are roomy and feature plenty of comfortable seats where everyone can relax any time of the day. The fully furnished verandas and the outdoor living areas ensure that everyone has some space to get cozy. In all areas of the house, no color is too loud and too brash.

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Villa Mia, like most luxury villas in Koh Samui, boasts a fully equipped kitchen to make meal preparation easier and more convenient. The modern kitchen is complete with cooking essentials such as an oven, microwave blender, and a fridge. There is also a nice BBQ area where guests can prepare their favorite grills and roasted dishes. Guests can opt to dine inside or outside. An in-house chef can prepare meals if cooking isn’t your best skill or if you simply can’t be bothered with anything while you are on a holiday. Authentic Thai cuisine can be experienced on site. You don’t have to go out to taste amazing food.

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Private Spaces

The bedrooms in Villa Mia are certainly stylish, spacious, and are furnished to perfection. The beds are comfortable and the ceilings are high, giving the impression of more space. Contemporary works of art hang on the wall to complete the whole look. The rooms feature island inspired home accents and a nice work desk and matching chair.


Villa Mia is one of the most impressive villas Koh Samui has to offer in terms of amenities. Internet connection is available so browsing is more convenient. There is also a children’s area on the pool so even the little ones can enjoy being in the water. Entertainment system, which consists of LCD TV and DVD players, is also on site. There is a gym for workouts and water sports facilities for those who want some adventure.


On site there is a parking area as well. To beat the heat, the rooms are air-conditioned. In addition, ceiling fans are installed in key areas. The bathrooms feature modern fixtures and are designed for comfort. The staffs have their own quarters so privacy should not be a problem. Sun beds are placed near the pool so guests can lounge in comfort or get a tan without being disturbed. There is also a Jacuzzi tub where one can relax any time of the day.

There are so many villas in Koh Samui. If luxury and comfort are important to you, definitely consider booking Villa Mia. You won’t be disappointed.